Do you know about France?Francophiles are crazy about all things French. To prove if you merit that title, I created a general quiz about France’s history, government, politics, territory and people. You don’t need to speak French to answer any of the questions. Our 20-question quiz will separate the true Francophiles from the phonies. Record your answers and verify how many correct responses you have at the bottom of this page. There’s also a nifty scale to rank yourself. Good luck and NO cheating!

The Quiz:

1. Who is the current president of France?
A. John Elkhoury
B. Marine Le Pen
C. Nicolas Sarkozy
D. François Hollande

2. Which is not a color on the French flag?
A. Red
B. White
C. Gold
D. Blue

3. In what year was the Eiffel Tower completed?
A. 1763
B. 1824
C. 1889
D. 1904

4. How many regions does France have (including those overseas)?
A. 22
B. 27
C. 35
D. 46

5. From where did the French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, originate?
A. Corsica
B. Monaco
C. Lyon
D. Waterloo

6. Paris, is the capital of France. Roughly what is the population of Paris today?
A. 0.6 million people
B. 1.4 million people
C. 1.8 million people
D. 2.2 million people

7. Which Parisian train station serves southbound TGV trains directly to Marseille, France?
A. Gare du Nord
B. Gare du Sud
C. Gare de Lyon
D. Gare de Montparnasse

8. Identify the fake French political party:
A. Les Républicains (LR)
B. La Parti Socialiste (PS)
C. Les Democrats de la France (LDF)
D. Le Front National (FN)

9. Who is France’s largest export partner?
A. The United Kingdom
B. Germany
C. Japan
D. The United States

10. Identify a type of French red wine:
A. Champagne
B. Sémillon
C. Sauvignon Blanc
D. Merlot

11. What is the fastest posted speed limit for cars in France?
A. 100 km/hour (~62mph)
B. 120 km/hour (~75mph)
C. 130 km/hour (~81mph)
D. 150 km/hour (~93mph)

12. Which French king built the Palace of Versailles?
A. Louis XIV
B. Louis XV
C. Louis XVI
D. Louis XVII

13. In what military conflict did Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) serve?
A. The Seven Years’ War
B. Hundred Years’ War
C. The French and Indian War
D. La Fronde (1650 – 1653)

14. Who is Astérix le Gaulois?
A. A famous French general
B. A famous French author
C. A famous French wine producer
D. A famous French comic book character

15. Which country does not border mainland France?
A. Luxembourg
B. Belgium
C. Austria
D. Italy

16. France has a large car market with several brands. Which brand of cars did not originate from France?
A. Dacia
B. Peugeot
C. Citroën
D. Renault

17. The iconic bike race, Le Tour de France, usually begins in which month?
A. May
B. July
C. August
D. September

18. Who is not a French philosopher from the Enlightenment era?
A. Voltaire
B. Molière
C. Montesquieu
D. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

19. During what time period was the French revolution?
A. 1623 – 1650
B. 1704 – 1714
C. 1776 – 1783
D. 1789 – 1799

20. Which French singer did not originate from France?
A. Jacques Brel
B. Brigitte Bardot
C. Edith Piaf
D. Renaud

The Answers:

1D, 2C, 3C, 4B, 5A
6D, 7C, 8C, 9B, 10D
11C, 12A, 13B, 14D, 15C
16A, 17B, 18B, 19D, 20A

The Results:

18 – 20 Points
Master Francophile

You either possess a wealth of knowledge about France or you cheated on this test. Congratulations, you are crazy about France and merit the title “FrenchCrazy”.

15 – 17 Points
French Connoisseur

You have an impressive amount of knowledge surrounding French culture, history, and current events. Do you know France? The answer is a resounding “yes”. Keep up the good work!

10 – 14 Points

You’re a traveler, a French teacher, or maybe just a French person who slept during history class. You nailed a good portion of the questions however your performance suffered somewhere along the way. Nonetheless, this is an above average score.

5 – 9 Points

French culture interests you although there are a bit too many gaps in your knowledge to consider yourself a Francophile. Keep studying and like us on Facebook for more tips.

0 – 4 Points

You did poorly and you found this quiz stupid and/or difficult. It’s never too late to improve your understanding by browsing our top articles.

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