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Why “Nous Mangeons” Instead of “Mangons?”

Dear John,Why is it nous mangeons instead of nous mangons?... I thought that we drop the ending and add "-ons" to -ER verbs.Sarah Bonjour Sarah,You are correct that when conjugating an "ER verb," the nous form takes an –ons stem added to the root of the word.So in a...

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The Preposition À in French Foods?

  Dear John, Why do we use à to describe French foods? ...other examples I can think of include tarte aux fraises, omelette du fromage.. why don't we use avec here? The general rule is that we use the French preposition à to delineate an ingredient in a recipe....

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Is Paris Expensive?

Dear John, Is living in Paris expensive? Mai Talât Hey Mai, The thing about your question is that the word "expensive" is relative. What's the context? When I lived in Bourg-en-Bresse I was able to rent a nice little apartment for about 250 euros/month. The same sized...

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Popular French Newspapers?

Dear John, I would like to improve my French by reading newspapers. What is your choice for never-ending-francais-beginner? Thank you. Jana. P. S. I'm so happy that I discovered your website, thank you A LOT! Bonjour Jana, Thanks for the kind words. I do know of a few...

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Ways to Connect to French Native Speakers?

Dear John, I was wondering if you knew of any way we could connect with people (preferably college students like myself) via Skype of e-mail to learn more from one another. They could perfect their English and we could perfect our French. Thanks in advance! Ah the...

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Difference between Amener, Emmener, Apporter & Emporter?

Dear John, Do you know a good way to learn the difference between amener/emmener and apporter/emporter? I'm studying it in class right now and I'm still having a little bit of trouble understanding when to use which. The general rule is that the verbs starting with an...

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Best Way to Learn the Tenses in French?

Dear John, What's the best way to learn the tenses? Is there any good method alternate to sitting down with a book and memorizing the uses and verb endings for each? Salut ! There are phone applications you can download, like "Maître de Conjugasion" or similar...

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Who Is John?

I’m John, the founder of FrenchCrazy.com. I started learning French back in 2004 through a mix of self-study, classroom learning, studying abroad, and frequent trips to France. I’m a fluent French-English bilingual with a university degree in French and another degree in Neuroscience. I also have a minor in linguistics and helped work in a bilingual research development lab.

I understand a lot about French and Francophone culture due to living and working in France on multiple occasions. I have made countless French friends, dated in France, and conversed with many strangers (in French) for hours at a time.

I understand what needs to be done to master French, because I’ve done it myself.

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