Having a few awesome French websites to visit is a great way to get consistent French practice and learn everyday expressions. I know, I became fluent in French and one of the ways I did that was by spending time on French websites!

Think about it… how much time do you kill on the English-speaking side of the web? Probably a lot.

We know the internet is a vast place, which makes finding awesome French websites difficult. So let me open your eyes then and share my PERSONAL repertoire of awesome French websites. Sites that I browse almost everyday.


Awesome French Website #1:


Ah Topito… LA VIE, DU CÔTÉ TOP ! Topito is one of those “viral” entertainment sites aimed towards millennials. It mainly publishes listicles, quizzes, and funny pop-culture videos. These are a great way to practice your French and remain cool.


Types of stuff you’d find on Topito:

This video:

Articles like:

Top 10 des différents types de gens qu’on croise sur les sites de rencontres
(Top 10 different types of people you’ll encounter on dating sites)

Top 50 des petits signes que tu habites Paris (que tu le veuilles ou non)
(Top 50 little signs that you live in paris [whether you like it or not])

Quizzes like:
Who said that? Beiber or Sartre

Now don’t expect that visiting this French site is some sort of way to impact the world. Topito’s content can be down-right stupid. If you spend a lot of time on this website, your IQ might drop a few points.

It’s like Buzzfeed. Their goal is viral, consumable content.

Awesome French Website #2:


madmoiZelle.com est un magazine féminin qui se la raconte pas. On y parle mode et beauté, mais aussi gros burgers, sujets de société, sexe, études, politique …

I’m a little ashamed… madmoiZelle is a French fashion magazine for girls.

And well…. I’m a guy.

La honte, John !

But that doesn’t make the site any less entertaining! The magazine covers a wide variety of topics, has a very active readership, and talks about everything from fashion to politics, shopping, sex life, and beauty. Believe me, it’s an awesome French website.

Awesome French Website #3: 

YouTube France

YouTube is technically an American website, but it’s home to some of the funniest French people ever! Natoo, Cyprien, and even Norman… the list goes on with comedic YouTubers. Watching videos is a great way to practice, although don’t expect these videos to be for beginners.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/bNVHUHusEok" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

You can start by subscribing to FrenchCrazy on YouTube :)

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Awesome French Website #4:

French Morning

FrenchMorning is a website aimed at French people living in major U.S. cities. I find it interesting to read about local events in French and to learn about what Frenchies are up to in NYC.

FrenchMorning has videos as well as a free classifieds section where you can find French babysitters or French tutors.

Awesome French Website #5:

Le Monde

It may be an overstatement to call Le Monde an awesome website, but I added it to this list anyways. Le Monde is essentially the New York Times of France and it’s a nice place to keep in touch with news.

So, that’s my list for now! You can also see my longer list of French online resources.

I’d also have to ask… what other sites do you guys think I’m missing? There are a lot more out there!

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