OUR MISSION here at FrenchCrazy is to help spread France’s culture and language to the world! We want to make students learning French have fun and we want to make educators find simpler ways to explain difficult concepts. Our FrenchCrazy team involves French natives as well as those of us who have learned French as a second language. We live in France, study in France, or speak French. Nonetheless, we’re all teachers at heart!

Work From Anywhere

Write for FrenchCrazy from anywhere in the world. Whether that be at a quaint Parisian café or a bustling American city.

Be Your Own Boss, Really

There are no deadlines or contracts, submit an article whenever it’s ready. 

Share Your Knowledge

If you love France, the French language or French culture then this is an opportunity to share that knowledge with millions of readers.

Freelance Contributor

Location: Worldwide
Compensation: $50 (USD) for a 500 – 800 word article.
There is added compensation, per article, after 5 published articles with us.

What you’ll do:
  • Create engaging articles that help readers understand the French language or France better
  • Manage every step of your project: ideation, research, and production
  • Present and pitch your article ideas to us, only write on subjects you’re interested about
  • Have fun!
What you WON’T have to do:
  • Stress over deadlines, because there aren’t any
  • Meet bizarre writing requirements other than a minimum word count
  • Be forced to engage with comments – we’ll do that
  • Find or create images for the content – we’ll do that
What we’re looking for:
  • Teachers of the French language, French natives, or France travel experts
  • The ability to write clearly and concisely in English
  • The ability to accept and manage feedback
  • Friendly, humility, and a sense of humor
What we’re NOT looking for:

People who want to write articles with links back to other sites or people who are trying to promote products which they have a financial interest. It is not worth your time contacting us if that is what you are looking to do.

Extra requirements:
  • You’re a native English and/or French speaker
  • You need to have a PayPal account so that we can pay you
  • You have a nice 800×800 photo of yourself so that we can add it to the site’s About page

Interested? Apply below:


When do I get paid?

Payment will be sent to your PayPal on the day that the article is actually published on FrenchCrazy. You do not receive payment for drafts or unpublished work.

Can I Reuse Content?

No. Any articles submitted to FrenchCrazy must be unique and original for publication. You should not submit articles which were already published elsewhere, including on personal blogs.

By submitting an article to our site for contribution, you acknowledge that receiving payment from us is for exclusive rights to publish, promote and even modify the content at a later date. If you do not agree to these terms, then please do not apply to write for us.

Is there a minimum and maximum contribution?

Yes. We are only looking for a maximum of 1-2 articles a month, per contributor.

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