The French National Football team fell short of Argentina in the 2022 World Cup hosted in Qatar. The event at Lusail Stadium even had the attendance of French president Emmanuel Macron.

This was honestly one of the best World Cup finals ever for television spectators. However the final did have to come down to a penalty shootout when the game ended tied at 3-3. France then lost on the penalty kicks 4-2. 

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Argentina Strikes Early

Argentina came out strong with a 2-0 lead after the first half. One goal off of an unnecessary penalty in the box resulting in a Messi score. The second goal an amazing display of football prowess with Messi passing to Di Maria for a quick finish.

Argentina looked vastly superior. They made quick passes and had great initial touches off the ball. 

For French fans things seemed bleak as bridging a 2-0 deficit can be a difficult task in professional football. The French team which was full of smiles throughout the entire tournament and heavy favorites finally faced even more adversity. 

French Adjustments

The French football team did not seem prepared for the first half and with two early substitutions, French coach Didier Deschamps attempted to bolster the French defense and shore up the holes within the French formation in the midfield. 

At the 78th minute France struck back strongly through a penalty and no less than 80 seconds later they scored in succession through quick goals by the young star – Kylian Mbappé.

At this point, Mbappé had an insane 7 goals during the whole tournament.

End of World Cup Regulation

As the game wound towards the end, Argentina appeared winded and significantly on the defensive.

France had multiple other close follow up goals. And Messi had an amazing shot on goal however it was blocked by Lloris the French goal keeper. 

At the 98th minute, the World Cup final was heading to additional time with the game score 2-2.

Additional Time & Finale

The first half of additional time came and went with aggressive Argentinian play.

And during the second half of additional time Argentina came to life. Messi scored in the 108th minute off a rebound in the box and showcasing his world class finishing with two goals on the night. 

However Mbappé would not let the game end so soon. After striking the ball an Argentinian defender was flagged for a handball when his elbow defected the shot, resulting in a further penalty. 

Mbappé nailed it, resulting in both a hat trick for the evening and for equalization of the game at 3 goals a piece. 

A few more flares of chances came from each side yet at the end we found ourselves tied 3-3. 

Penalty Shootout

The game was on the line. Do-or-die. The skill and mental fortitude required to come out victorious is immense. France elected to shoot their penalties first. 

Photo: Mr. Brunskill

– Mbappé scores despite the goal keeper, Martinez, getting a hand on the ball. FRANCE 1-0.

– Messi shoots a slow ball and hits the net. ARGENTINA EQUALIZES 1-1

– Martinez SAVES the following shot off Coman.

– Argentina scores the next one with Dybala. ARGENTINA 2-1.

– Aurélien Tchouaméni follows up and his kick goes wide to the right. MISSED

– Paredes then scores, putting ARGENTINA UP 3-1

– Kolo Muani knew he had to score and made the goal with a kick up the middle of the goal. FRANCE 2-3

– Montiel then finished the game for Argentina with one last score. ARGENTINA WINS 4-2 in the penalties. They didn’t miss. France is eliminated as they cannot make the difference. 

The 2022 French Football Team was an amazing combination of talent however unfortunately their third star eluded them this year. Mbappé does earn the golden boot and Messi came out with his first World Cup, a win that they did deserve. 

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