What is immersion? It’s a specific way of learning a language, where the target language (language desired) isn’t just a subject matter, but the teaching tool. Think of it as surrounding yourself with the language, and almost everything you do involves it. When I traveled to France for a month, I spoke nothing but French… As I neared the final week of my visit, I felt I was learning new words and constructions on a daily basis! Subliminally, you read a French advertisement and the sentence construction sticks, or you talk to somebody and they say a phrase a certain way… this is how learning by immersion works the best! It was only about 30 days and I saw results, so I’m certain that by immersing yourself for a year would show great results on your French.

Immersion programs are sometimes offered in certain French universities or language teaching schools. Otherwise, the easiest way to be immersed is to live abroad for a period of a few weeks to a few years. Obviously the shorter your stay, the more you would have to do with the language on a daily basis to get a similar experience. If you want to immerse yourself in France, there is no point in going with a group of English speakers (because, you’ll find yourself speaking English with them)! The more time you speak French with everybody, the better.

Okay, so now that you know what immersion is, where can you go to be immersed? Currently, there are 29 countries that have announced France as it’s official language. Below is the list of Francophone countries where you could possibly immerse yourself!

French-speaking Countries by Population: 

    1. Democratic Republic of Congo
    2. France
    3. Canada
    4. Madagascar
    5. Cameroon
    6. Côte D’Ivoire
    7. Burkino Fasa
    8. Niger
    9. Senegal
    10. Mali
    11. Rwanda
    12. Belgium
    13. Guinea
    14. Chad
    15. Haiti
    16. Burundi
    17. Benin
    18. Switzerland
    19. Togo
    20. Central African Republic
    21. Republic of Congo
    22. Gabon
    23. Comoros
    24. Equatorial Guinea
    25. Djibouti
    26. Luxembourg
    27. Vanuatu
    28. Seychelles
    29. Monaco
The following countries are show here. Map provided by Wikipedia.

Take note that from the list above, only five of the countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco) are situated in Europe. Most people don’t want to travel to Africa to practice their French, but it could be a great experience!

Now, if you’re still a student… try to see if your college or university provides has a study abroad program! If you’re an adult, maybe your work could be taken to France or to Africa for a short period of time. Obviously it’s rather difficult to immerse yourself for too long without some sort of program and/or financial backing.

Please note that I’m not trying to discourage anybody! I know that all my French classes are now trying to “immerse” us in the classroom. Which means that for the entire class period, we will only speak, read, write, and breathe French. Although this may not be as effective as living in a Francophone country, it does help improve your French if you have class daily. Bonne chance avec vos études!

Any immersion experiences out there? We’d love to see them in the comments section!

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