Learning French should be fun; so why not kick back, relax, and expose yourself to more spoken French? Watching a video is an effective way to follow discourse and work on your speaking comprehension. This ongoing compilation of French videos was made with you in mind; all the videos are in French or are about learning French.

The list is broken down into five video topics: comedic videos, documentaries (education/news), videos on learning French, beginner-friendly videos, and entertainment videos/movies. Please, if you have something this list is missing, don’t hesitate to comment below; no special subscription is required. Also, don’t forget to comment or like us on Facebook if you found the list useful :)

French Comedy Videos & Channels

(videos are about 5-10 minutes long)
Youtube Channel: Cyprien  (The #1 French comedic Youtuber !)
Youtube Channel: Norman (+44 videos in French)
Youtube Channel: Natoo (~40 videos in French)
Youtube Channel: Remi Gaillard (+120 videos in French)
Youtube Channel: La Parole de Chat (+50 animal related videos in French with subtitles)
Youtube Channel: Stromae (Music artist with quirky videos in French)
Youtube Channel: Canal+ (cross-listed with entertainment videos)

Official Site: Les Guignols de l’info (satirical political comedy, updated daily)

Series: H (created by Canal+)
Series: Un Gars une Fille
Series: Bref (created by Canal+)
Series: Camping Paradis
Video: Dubstep Cat versus the Paper Army [French with English Subtitles]
Video: Babysitting

Does a link not work? Please contact me and I’ll fix it ASAP. The Internet is constantly changing, so a link that works one day may be broken the net.

Cinematic Movies & Entertainment

Website: StreamComplet [Stream hundreds of NEW & POPULAR movies in French]
Website: Films Français [French movies with subtitles]
Official Site: Le Grand Journal (Canal+ French Talk show)

Movie: Revolver (2013) [Dubbed in French]
Movie: Big Hit (2013) [Dubbed in French]
Movie: Astérix et Cléopâtre (1968) [French]
Movie: Astérix et les Indiens [French]
Movie: Clara cet été là (2002) [French with English Subtitles]
Movie: Ultimate Patrol [Dubbed in French]

Movie: Braquage Double City [Dubbed in French]
Movie: Des Saints et des Soldats (2003) [WW2 film, dubbed]
Movie: Les Mecs sont des Cochons (2013) [Dubbed in French]
Movie: La Tranchée Des Espoirs 1914-1918 (2003) [French]
Movie: Violette (1978) [French with English Subtitles]
Movie: 588 Rue Paradis (1991) [French with English Subtitles]

Youtube Channel: MadMoiZelle (over 700 videos in French)
Youtube Channel: Canal+
Youtube Channel: Bonjourlovilies

Adventure Time in French

Documentaries & Educational Videos in French

Youtube Channel: TV5 Monde (over 3,000 videos on news)
Youtube Channel: BFMTV (over 1,000 videos on news)
Youtube Channel: Réportages & Émissions (hour long video-documentaries in French)
Youtube Channel: ArtePlusSept
Youtube Channel: Amara (thousands of subtitled videos from youtube)
Series: 90 minutes enquêtes (1.5 hour long videos on crime)
Series: J’irai dormir chez vous (50 minute videos on a guy who sleeps at other people’s houses)

Video: Au coeur de L’urgence (1.5 hours)
Video: CRS les combattants de l’ordre (about an hour)
Video: Le Dessous des Cartes – Démographie Française
Video: Linguist Steven Pinker talks about Languages and Thoughts (french subtitled video)

Videos on Learning the French Language

Youtube Channel: French for Beginners to Advanced (OVER 200,000 videos)

Youtube Channel: FrenchCrazy (this website’s YouTube page)

Youtube Channel: French Sounds (lessons on pronunciation)
Youtube Channel: FrenchPod101
Youtube Channel: Français Authentique (+50 videos in French)

Does a link not work? Please contact me and I’ll fix it ASAP. The Internet is constantly changing, so a link that works one day may be broken the net.

Beginner-Friendly Videos in French

Youtube Channel: FrenchPod101
Youtube Channel: Français Authentique (+50 videos in French)
Youtube Series: Extr@ Video Series (+20 videos in French with subtitles)
Youtube Series: Les Parents (Quebec mini-series with subtitles)

Remember the list is always updating so stop by later and we should have even more French videos.

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