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Everyday French Fashion

To answer the question of “What do French people wear everyday?” Street Style is a featured portion of madmoiZelle that showcases a different French person each day! The entire video is in French, but I encourage beginners to still watch it and see what you can understand.

Today’s Street Style focuses on Solweig-Lizlow, a Russian-Belgian model who currently is the weather girl for the popular Canal+ network’s “Du Grand Journal”. Solweig (sul-veg) is a huge fan of horror films, to the point where she played the part of a monster for a movie.

Solweig first shows us her designer blazer, which she claims is what everybody wears in the office. Solweig pairs the blazer with a nice, white MASSCOB blouse. An awkward moment in the video occurs when Solweig shows us her cross necklace – but when asked if she believes in Jesus, she responded “absolutely not”. To her the cross represents “death” so it matches her interest of horror like things (thus, a good addition to her style). The nice blue jeans and boots are also part of her style (I missed the designer name for the boots… “Josef something”) Her black bag comes from ZARA, another designer brand (this lady is loaded).

So what do other French people think about Solweig’s style?

Elle a tout simplement l’air trop cool. J’étais tombée dans le panneau du cliché “miss météo = concon”, donc cette vidéo est une bonne surprise. Même si je la trouvais déjà adorable à l’antenne, là, je la trouve adorable ET super drôle.

“She is simply all too cool. I fell for the cliché that the “weather lady = snobby”, thus this video was a good surprise.  Even though I already found her adorable on the air, here, I found her adorable AND super funny.”

Elle s’est marié à Las Vegas (clichéé). Et elle parle de son mari à chacune de ses vidéos ! (et de son poids mais ca c’est parce que tout le monde lui demande).

Elle a une voix atroce, est jolie, et a l’air sympathique. Par contre le coup de “je m’en fous de mes fringues” alors que je suis mannequin et que je porte des chaussures à 500E, BLAGUE ! Sympa de se la jouer naturelle mais encore faut-il que ce soit crédible.

“She was married in Las Vegas (cliché) and she talks about her husband in all of her videos! (and her weight, but that’s because everybody asks her).

She has an atrocious voice, she’s pretty, and kind. On the other hand, saying “I don’t care about my hair”… despite being a model and wearing shoes priced at 500 euros, what a JOKE! It’s kind of her to play it off the question, but you still have to be credible.”

Comments were taken from madmoiZelle‘s website. That seems to be everything to say about Solweig! Check back for more everyday French styles. Any comments can be posted below.

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