To answer the question of “What do French people wear everyday?” Street Style is a featured portion of Madmoizelle that showcases a different French person each day! The entire video is in French, but I encourage beginners to still watch it and see what you can understand.

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Today’s Street style focuses on Mathilde, a French student who is about to receive her Master’s in Fashion Marketing! Oh la-la. This Parisian prefers the winter weather, showing us her buckled-black desginer boots she bought last year. She is wearing an “interesting” H&M skeleton shirt, which we cannot really see due to her jean jacket. Mathilde also exhibits her favorite bow-tie ring, fox ring, and rabbit ring all on hand.

We are offered a nice glimpse of Mathilde’s designer “Scarlet Roos” handbag, and her stylish Pac Man bracelet.

One thing that’s unusual about this Street Style is that it’s rather short… (4 minutes!). French viewers were disappointed about not getting to hear more about Mathilde. Some speculate that she really only cared about advertising her blog (she gives a shout-out at the end). Problems aside, here’s what other French people thought about Mathilde’s everyday style.

Je suis pas fan de la veste par contre le t-shirt et le foulard Oo !!!!! il me les fauts!!!! mon dieu, mais vu les marques ça doit couter un bras.. voir deux. 

“I am not a fan of her coat, on the other hand, her t-shirt and scarf Oo! I must have them!! My god, but the brands must cost an arm (and a leg), maybe even two.”

Je veux le t-shirt, la veste, et le foulard .

“I want the t-shit, the coat, and the scarf.”

Comments were taken from Madmoizelle‘s website. Otherwise, that seems to be everything there is to know about Mathilde! Stay tuned for more everyday French styles. Any comments can be posted below.

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