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Everyday French Fashion

To answer the question of “What do French people wear everyday?” Street Style is a featured portion of madmoiZelle that showcases a different French person each day! The entire video is in French, but I encourage beginners to still watch it and see what you can understand.

Today’s Street Style focuses on Céline, a Parisian girl who finished her education in communications, and has started her own fashion blog, Bon Baisers d’Ailleurs which is actually kinda cool. This video quickly goes through the myriad of fashion statements this girl made for the day.

Céline first shows us her polka-dotted headband which compliments her outfit rather nicely. Then, we are introduced to her little bow-tie necklace which was made by an English lady (Kate). Her parisian sweater actually sparkles in the light (it’s a glitter-like material). She has a designer, studded handbag from England which complements her skirt almost perfectly. Celiné also happens to be wearing nice belt  with two centered birds, from H&M. Flabrice shows us a close up of her “wine-colored” red leggings and her H&M booties. Finally, Céline gives us a glimpse of her “key” ring, which I find that pretty creative.

So what do other French people think about Céline’s style?

“J’ai pas eu de coup de coeur pour le streetstyle, mais alors par contre le blog je suis totalement fan. J‘adore TOUT ce qu’elle porte, c’est exactement mon style. Et du coup ça me rend dingue parce que ça me donne encore plus envie de faire du shopping. Et comme beaucoup l’ont dit, ENFIN une blogueuse normale, simple, qui s’habille dans les enseignes de “Madame Tout Le Monde”. Une vraie bouffée d’oxygène ! Elle va directement dans mes flux RSS quotidiens.
NB : elle a des cheveux magnifiques <3 nan en fait, elle est tout simplement super belle.”

“I never really fell in love with Street Style, but on the other hand I am totally a fan of her blog. I adore EVERYTHING that she’s wearing, it’s exactly my style. And it’s crazy, I suddenly have the desire to go shop some more.  And like many others have already said, FINALLY a normal, simple blogger that teaches in the manner of “Madame Everyone”. A true breath of fresh air! She is going directly to my daily RSS feeds.
P.S: she has some magnificent hair, in fact she’s is simply super beautiful.”

Oui je crie pour montrer mon enthousiasme… Et cette fille est trop choupinette, j’adore sa coiffure certes impossible à réaliser avec mes cheveux du moment mais je sais être patiente.”

“I LOVE THAT RING! Yes, I screamed to show my enthusiasm… This girl is such a sweetheart, I love her hairstyle although it would be impossible for my hair at this moment, I know how to be patient.”

Comments were taken from madmoiZelle‘s website. That seems to be everything to say about Céline! Check back for more everyday French styles. Any comments can be posted below.

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