Why “Nous Mangeons” Instead of “Mangons?”

Is Paris Expensive?

Dear John, Is living in Paris expensive? Mai Talât Hey Mai, The thing about your question is that the word “expensive” is relative. What’s the context? When I lived in Bourg-en-Bresse I was able to rent a nice little apartment for about 250...
Why “Nous Mangeons” Instead of “Mangons?”

Popular French Newspapers?

Dear John, I would like to improve my French by reading newspapers. What is your choice for never-ending-francais-beginner? Thank you. Jana. P. S. I’m so happy that I discovered your website, thank you A LOT! Bonjour Jana, Thanks for the kind words. I do know of...
Why “Nous Mangeons” Instead of “Mangons?”

Ways to Connect to French Native Speakers?

Dear John, I was wondering if you knew of any way we could connect with people (preferably college students like myself) via Skype of e-mail to learn more from one another. They could perfect their English and we could perfect our French. Thanks in advance! Ah the...

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