Des Pains au Chocolat – a French delight

There is nothing more heavenly than starting off your French morning with a buttery Pain Au Chocolat and a hot beverage. Why am I so obsessed? Well maybe because these things are essentially croissants (delicious), with chocolate stuffed inside (more delicious), so what’s NOT to love?!

These square-shaped French pastries can be found at the local boulangerie or market. They are created in a very similar fashion to croissants, the final product arriving with a brilliant sheen and a stick or two of French chocolate within. Les pains au chocolat are relatively inexpensive, this helps fuel my love for them. Carrefour sells these pasteries by bundles of 6, thus for a low price you can have breakfast for a week!  (I personally prefer getting them from the local bakeries). I found an added bonus for tourists who don’t have much proficiency in French, the ease of obtaining this delight only requires you pointing and saying “un pain au chocolat s’il vous plaît.”

Unless you happen to live in a big city, like New York, finding these things may be near to impossible within the United States. If you’re fixing for one of these babies, but can’t find any around you, just take the best quality croissant you can find and stuff it with chocolate! Is there anybody else out there who loves these things as much as me?? Comments can be posted below, no subscription is required to share your story – we’d love to hear from you!

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