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Do you enjoy FrenchCrazy and want to get updates? This post serves as a place you can find all of our active social media accounts. Whether you want notifications via email, instagram, pinterest or Facebook.


Several thousand people have already signed up for notifications via our private email list. When you sign up, you’ll receive a handful of “welcome” emails. After that, you’ll get updates on new articles and events about once or twice a month (at most). 

Here’s an example of the type of monthly email we send out.

Here’s how you can sign up for our email account →


Facebook is where we started social media. Here we’ll post articles from FrenchCrazy in addition to current events which are occurring in France at times. 

Check out the official FrenchCrazy Facebook page →


Instagram is the popular photo-sharing platform for FrenchCrazy. There are two accounts you could consider following.

The Official FrenchCrazy account features photos exclusively from France.

Or you could follow the FrenchCrazy Founder’s personal account. John posts about his travels and various other things here. It’s not necessarily all French-related. 


Starting in 2020, we created an Official FrenchCrazy Pinterest account. Here we’ll share new articles. We’ll also pin useful French-related content from around the globe. 

Check out and follow the Pinterest account →

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