Word Reference is essentially an online dictionary, and it’s and awesome resource for any language student. The site offers translations (for our purposes) from both English to French OR French to English. What’s amazing is that you can search nouns, verbs, or even entire phrases! If you click on a word, it’ll take you to that word’s definition. And, most  (if not all) verbs are thoroughly conjugated.

I use this site daily.

If you search the word “cheese” for example, the site provides:

  1. The primary translation (with the gender): fromage (m)
  2. Any idioms: Say ~! (for photo) Souriez!… 
  3. Any secondary definitions with French equivalent: (tackiness, important person)
  4. An audio file of the word
  5. Compound forms of the word: Blue cheese, cheese rack…
  6. Forum topics, where people discuss complex cheese phrases.
Check it how amazing it is yourself: Cheese.
Also, check out how in-depth the verb translations are: To Run.
Here you can find the complete conjugation for Courir – To Run all in one site!
The funny thing about this website is that unlike google translate, my teachers actually approve of us using Word Reference, because it’s just another way to look up words/phrases. If you have any troubles on the website, or with a phrase… then you could post it on Word Reference’s Forum. Sites like these are extremely helpful for any language learner.
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