Mon Meilleur Ami Lyrics in English
Reviewed/ Translated by: John Elkhoury
Like all my music reviews, I start with the French to English translation then critique the lyrics and style.

Tu es tout petit
You are tiny
Mon Meilleur ami
My best friend
Je t’emmène avec moi
I bring you with me
Partout où je suis
Whereever I go
Je te parle comme à un homme doux et sensible
I talk to you like a man, soft and sensitively 
La seule chose qui m’agace c’est de changer les piles

The only thing that bothers me is changing the batteries
J’aime beaucoup la vie
I like life a lot
Pas du tout l’ennui
But none of the hassle
J’apprécie la galanterie, que tu m’offres au lit
I appricate the gallantry you offer me in bed
Le plaisir infini partout où je suis
The infinite pleasure wherever I am
La seule chose qui m’agace c’est de changer les piles
The only thing that bothers me is changing the batteries

Mes déceptions amoureuses
My disappointments in love
Ne me rendent pas malheureuse
Don’t make me unhappy
Je sais que je peux compter sur toi
I know that I can count on you
Mais tu me rends peureuse
But you make me a little wary
Amour solitaire Je sens que je n’ai plus le flair
Love alone (by myself), I feel that I have more flair
Pour savoir d’avance que le prochain garçon saura y faire
For knowing in advance that the next boy will be there

A chaque fois que mon cerveau me demande
Each time that my head wonders
Je glisse la main dans mon sac automatique aux commandes
I slip my hand into my sac, automatically at the command
Je cherche un coin tranquille
I find a quiet corner
et en passant je demande
and while passing it I ask
Un nouveau jeu de piles pour ma télécommande

A new set of batteries for my remote

Mes copines t’apprécient
My girl friends appreciate you
Mes copains, aussi
My guy friends also
Tu es le bienvenue
You are welcome
Dans chaque surprise party
At each surprise party

Yelle is a popular French artist who practices the style of “techtonik“, this genre is specific to electro-like dance rhythms and intense dance moves. When talking about the song specifically, the lyrics aren’t necessarily “G” rated, more like PG13. Here Yelle speaks about how she’s lucky she always has a “guy” on hand. The “remote” which she speaks of is an adult toy that happens to run out of batteries whilst using it in a quiet corner. Not the most child friendly lyrics, but still a catchy song nonetheless.

Yelle began her career in 2005 and has quite a large following in foreign countries. Yelle will be featured again on FrenchCrazy.

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All songs and lyrics are owned by their respective owners. Any discrepencies with the translation can be posted below. Please not that translations are not always word for word, I strive to make the statements sound fluent in English.  

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