Do you like FrenchCrazy? You’re not the only one. The following sites have identified FrenchCrazy as a worthwhile French-learning resource. I’ve dedicated this page to highlighting them:


FluentU was one of the first sites to honor us by placing us as #1 on a top 8 list of French learning sites. FluentU created a solid system where you can learn languages by watching videos. It started with Mandarin but has not extended to offer a myriad of languages. It’s a cool concept – check it out here.


The takelessons blog published an article to give its readers 6 worthwhile sites to learn French and featured FrenchCrazy as number 3. You can find the article here. The website offers a convenient way to find teachers for online lessons or in-person tutoring.


Frantastique is a website I endorse which helps people learn French through daily email lessons. After spending a month with the program they offered me a coupon to give my readers a free trial! Click here to try it out.


Ryan, a British expat living in France, compiled a list of 100 great French resources to learn French online. Guess who came in at number 6? LoveFrance is a nifty site and I can’t wait to see what content he creates in the future.


Nestpick published a piece about living in France for a year. The website is an online home rental platform. They recommended using FrenchCrazy to learn French before heading over to Paris.

I Will Teach You a Language

Olly Richards at I Will Teach You a Language has placed FrenchCrazy on his French Resource page. This guy is awesome, he’s learned 8 languages and shows no sign of stopping. We wish him the best.

This website by Steve Smith recommended Frenchcrazy as a resource. A former French teacher for the past 35-years, Steve creates worksheets and other materials for French teachers. Check it out.

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