How do you say fuck in French? Fuck off? Get the fuck out? Shut the fuck up? There are many ways to say the f-word in French, depending on the context. While things may not be a direct translation from French to English, the meaning you are trying to push across will remain the same.

DISCLAIMER: I apologize for the vulgarity of this particular article but this is for educational purposes only. I assume that we’re all adults here so I will not abbreviate curse words. If you are a minor or you are sensitive to this sort of content then please, stop reading.

DISCLAIMER 2: These words are dangerous and can land you in trouble. I’m not responsible for the adverse effects which arise from you using this content. 

Whew, now that that’s over, let’s get started!!


How do you say “what the fuck?” in French? Well this depends on a few different contexts. I’ll provide the content then give you an appropriate phrase for the job.

CONTEXT 1: OH FUCK! (surprise)

Imagine that a car just drove into your living room or the largest spider known to man was crawling up your leg.

In French we’d say: OH PUTAIN !!!

Translation: OH FUCK / OH SHIT !!

Pronounced: (oh pootahn)​

CONTEXT 2: What the FUCK is going on?!

You stumble onto your co-workers, dressed as clowns with you boss gagged and tied to a chair… naked.

In French we’d say: “Putain qu’est-ce qui se passe ?!” / “Qu’est-ce qui s’est passé putain?”

Translation: What the fuck is going on? / What the fuck happened?

Pronounced: (pootahn kes-key suh pass / kes-key say pass-ay pootahn)

Alternative: “Ce quoi ce bordel ?!!?”

Keep in mind that you can place the word putain at the start or end of the sentence because it doesn’t really matter when cursing.

CONTEXT 3: “What the fuck you say to me?” (in a threatening manner)

The local bar rat thinks he’s tough and starts getting in your face. Your adrenaline is pumping. Your fist is clenching. Eventually this a-hole slanders your precious name IN FRONT OF ALL YOUR FRIENDS. You act as though you didn’t hear him right – giving him one last chance to unfuck himself.

In French we’d say: “Repete (un peu) pour voir”

Translation: Say that again you fuck (provocative)

Pronounced: (reh-pet [un puh] por vwar)

Alternative: “T’as dit quoi connard?”

Inevitably, the guy repeats himself. You break that bottle of Desperados and jump into attack mode. Legend has it, the police were called and you spent the evening at the commissariat. You won’t remember though – you were hammered.

CONTEXT 4: Calm the FUCK down

You’re defusing a bomb and you’re unsure whether you should cut the red or black wire. Your co-worker is behind you freaking out… 10… 9… 8… “CALM THE FUCK DOWN,” you yell in French.

In French we’d say: “Faut se calmer, putain!”

Translation: Calm the fuck down

Pronounced: (Fo suh call-may, pootahn)

Alternative way: “On se calm maintenant !”


CONTEXT 5: FUCK YOU, you fucking piece of #$#*@!#

Some asshat cuts you off on the road and you need to shout something kind while flipping him off:

In French we’d say: “Va te faire foutre (connard) !!” / “Va te faire enculer (pauvre con) !!”

Translation: Go fuck yourself (asshole) / get fucked (asshole) !

Pronounced: (va tuh fare footruh [ko-nard] / va tuh fare enkoo-lay [povr kohn])

NIQUE TA MERE !! often abbreviated NTM holds the same meaning. This technically means go fuck your mother and is offensive because… who doesn’t cherish their own mom? Use this term to tell someone “fuck you” but be careful because this one is very insulting.

JE T’EMMERDE also means FUCK YOU. Look at that.

Another alternatives: “Casse-toi” which means FUCK OFF



CONTEXT 6: Let’s hop in bed together!

Staring across the club, you take a deep breath and maneuver yourself next to the beautiful French girl standing by the bar.

“Hey,” you introduce yourself.

“Salut,” she responds.

Then you drop the bomb on her…. 

“Let’s FUCK.”

You sly dog. She looks you in the eyes. You brace yourself for the swift slap across your face. Strangely, a single tear rolls down her cheeks and a smile emerges.

“That was… tha.. so beautiful.”

See? That was a true story, I experienced that in France.

Or maybe not, okay, back to reality.

The verb you’re looking for is, baiser and not voulez-vous couchez avec moi. Real French people would never say that.

BAISE-MOI means “fuck me”… in the good way. The phrase is also the name of several sexual movies and pornos. Don’t ask me how I know this.

If you’re just a sleezy d-bag then you smoothly ask girls, “Alors, on se baise ?” The grin plastered across your face will disappear rather quickly.


A fuck buddy / Friends with Benefits:

Plan cul / “Fuck Friend” / pote de baise / pote pour baiser​

Fist Fuck (kinky, but I’m not going to judge):

Fister / fist-fucking


There are nice ways to tell somone to hush in both French and English. But that’s no fun. The ultimate French expression for telling somone to shut up is ferme ta gueule

Translation: Shut the FUCK up

Pronounced: (feyrm tah gull)

But… why say three words to get someone to shut up? What if I told you three words is one too many? Savvy French speakers shorten this phrase to a memorable 2 word statement:

In French we’d say: “TA GUEULE” / “LA FERME”

Translation: Shut the FUCK up / Shut it

Pronounced: (tah gull / la ferm)

It’s beautiful.


CONTEXT 8: Something is annoying you

I got tired of writing this article – so I yelled FUCK THIS and decided to end it here.

In French we’d say: “Ça me fait chier” / “mais putain !!”

Translation: This is annoying as fuck

Pronounced: (sa muh fay she-ay)

There you go, this article covers how to say fuck in French.

Have another meaning of the word fuck which isn’t shown above? Comment below and let me know what you’d like to see added to this list.

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