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With hundreds of copies sold both on Amazon and via FrenchCrazy; Fluent in French NOW is my realistic guide to understanding the challenges of learning French as a second language.

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– The realistic and ideal ways to attain French fluency
– How to increase your French speaking, reading, and vocabulary capabilities
– How to make French friends and kept them for the long haul
– How to improve your reading skills
– Things that need to be tackled as an adult learner
– Common pitfalls when learning French
– How to maximize classroom learning
– Several personal stories and accounts to help illustrate these concepts

Fluent in French NOW tries to help you become more efficient with your time by guiding you towards better techniques. I’ll share the essentials to learning a language and stuff I wish I knew before starting to learn French. Void of vocabulary lists or practice exercises, if that’s what you seek then there are plenty of other great resources out there.

The author of this book is John Elkhoury. He’s the founder of FrenchCrazy.com, a resource that has reached millions of people since our existence back in 2011.

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