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Our goal with this guide is to help you make a smooth transition to France and show you the key steps needed for success. Don’t worry, we’ll update the guide to help reflect current procedures in France.

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UPDATE 6/11/2016:

I’m travelling around France on vacation.

I’m going to update the working section to add a section about the SMIC (minimum wage in France) as well as some things about the loi de travaille.

I also wanted to mention a VERY GOOD site to look for a place to find a place to live:

Welcome to France.

These are specific things you should know or do before actually moving to France.


Introduction + Why live in France?

Start Here! I’ll introduce what you should be aware of before starting this course and share some great reasons as to why you should consider France.


Overview of France

We’ll cover the politics, geography, and economics of France. All very important topics if you plan on residing abroad.


How to Prepare For Your Stay

Key steps you’ll need to take before moving to France – research, saving, and other preparation.


The VISA Process*

We’ll cover how to obtain a visa to legally stay in France. But which visa is the best for your situation?


Finding Work in France*

A quick reference on how to find work in France and how to set up your CV.


Learning to Speak French

Do I need to speak French? How can I learn French effectively? What qualifications do I need?

Right When You Arrive.

These are specific things you should do within a few months of arriving to France.


Setting Up Your French Bank Account*

We’ll cover how to open a bank account in France and which banks you should consider doing business with.


Obtain A Working Cellphone*

Being accessible in France is a necessity. The best way is to get a working French cellphone. We’ll cover how.


How to Find a Place to Live

We’ll cover the steps and process to find a place in France. You’ll also find how to find roommates or budget housing.


Completing Immigration Requirements*

For most, the OFII process is required to become a legal resident of France. This validates your visa. Here’s how to finish the process in a stress-free manner.


Health Insurance & Social Programs

We’ll cover emergency services and the process to sign up for certain social services like health insurance.



A quick overview on how to set up your TV, electricity, water, and other monthly expenses.

After You’re Settled.

Things you can do once you’ve established yourself a bit more in France.


How To Get Around France

Tips on how to discover your town or city and experience France to the fullest.


Friendship & Dating

I share a few ways to be social in France, make some friends, and possibly find that special someone.


Budgeting & Money

Managing your cash flow is important to surviving abroad. We’ll look at how to budget and effectively use your resources.


Our FAQ section will hold the answer to frequently asked questions and our end of guide survey helps us make improvements.


End of Course Survey

Completed the course? Share your experience and get a free PDF copy of my book, Fluent in French Now.


Your Questions Answered

We’ll cover frequently-asked-questions. Still don’t have an answer? Ask us and we’ll try our best to help.


Useful Resources

This is a convenient area where we compile all the links shared in previous lessons.


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