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French online resources are important to learning French. I compiled a list of great websites to help you learn French. If you are looking for French lessons, tips, vocabulary, or other helpful things from this site then go to our French Language Learning Section section.

Thousands of Free French Videos to Practice
10 French Movies You Must See
How to Cheaply Travel & Visit France

TV5 Monde Apprendre (Learn French depending on your level)
BFMTV (24 hour, live French News) (Free French Lessons)’s French Language Site
ielanguages French (Free French Learning)
French Spanish Online (Learn French or a variety of other languages for free)
1jour1actu (beginner friendly articles)
Le Point du FLE (Thousands of French Exercises)
Cordial (French Grammar Lessons)
French Exam (To study for the DELF/DALF French exams)
Manuel de la grammaire (grammar in French)
Le Monde
Le Figaro
TV5 USA (French videos and media with English subtitles)
French 24 (news and video media) France (up to date, simple articles)
French Morning (News and Articles in French)

Ba Ba Dum (French Vocabulary Game)
Conjuguemos (Practice Verb Conjugations)
Foreign-lang (French Vocabulary Games)
LivresPourTous (free online reading of French novels and books)
GQ French (rather entertaining)
Madmoizelle (French Fashion/Girl website)
Au Feminin (Female oriented website)
Le GoRafi (Similar to The Onion in French)
Français Facile
Le Meilleur Du Hier (Canal+ Reviews the best videos clips of yesterday)
Odieux Conard (Hilarious Satirical Blog)
Vie de Merde (French FML)
Plus que des Maux (French blog)
The French Podcast
Un Gars Une Fille
Agnes Duro Culture (BTS pour les étudiants)
Boulet Corp (Funny Webcomic)
Girls & Geeks (Funny blog in French)
French Together (Learn about French Culture with Ben Houy)
The Hip Paris Blog
Word Reference
French Google

This is my personal list of recommended online French resources. If you found this list useful then don’t forget to bookmark it and check out our content here at FrenchCrazy.

À bientôt,

John Elkhoury

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