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Want to advertise to French speakers and those who love France?

FrenchCrazy is an up-in-coming company that communicates directly to thousands of Francophiles, French Learners, French teachers, and French people. We rank highly on search engines, with almost 80% of our traffic coming from them.

You can learn more about our company here. We’ve been online since 2011 and have become a trusted source for all things French.

During the month of January 2016, our two ads garnered 262,000 impressions.


FrenchCrazy hosts a PREMIUM AUDIENCE in terms of advertising.

Many readers are English-Speakers with interests in learning or teaching French as well as travelling to France. The vast majority of our readers (over 70%) come from the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia and France.

United States: 39.6%

Canada: 12.5%

United Kingdom: 10.78%

France: 4.17%

Australia: 2.61%

According to Google Analytics, our audience is interested in topics such as travel, education, shopping, entertainment, and anything related to France.

The majority of our users are somewhere between 18-34 years old, although we receive substantial traffic from all age groups.


Advertising on this site is not sold by impressions, but rather by digital slots which run for 30-day or year-long periods. We offer 300×250, 150×150 banner advertisements, large banners, and exclusive access to our “Program Directory.” The program directory features French learning courses, programs, or even travel destinations & locations that would interest a French-loving audience.

All advertisements served on FrenchCrazy are monitored electronically. Click-throughs for URL’s are stored and available to our advertisers.

On a monthly basis this site serves anywhere from 120,000 to 200,000 page-views and receives at least 70,000 – 100,000 unique visitors (this number varies by month). Actual results will vary from campaign to campaign depending on the amount of advertisers and our site traffic, but we will always strive to provide our advertisers with transparency regarding the status of their campaign.

At a very minimum you are guaranteed to get anywhere from 60,000-100,000 advertising impressions per month with a sidebar banner ad and several thousand impressions / month if you join our French program directory.

Monthly Banner Ads

We offer direct advertising to interested parties in the form of above-the-fold and below-the-fold ad position (viewed on a desktop).

To see where ads are placed on our website, you can view this PDF.

Our standard ad size is 300×250 (although banners may be possible at a premium rate). Ads are placed in the sidebar next to every article. To avoid a negative user experience your ads must be relevant to our audience and the creative must be a static image file.

You can expect 90,000 – 120,000 ad impressions during a one month period (roughly 3,000-4,000 page views/day). Most “blog posts” and articles have a sidebar where your ads will be featured. FrenchCrazy may run Google ads on the sidebar during times of vacancy.

“Sponsored” Advertisement Slot (below-the-fold, 150×50 pixels): 100 USD / month

Sidebar Advertisement (below-the-fold – 300×250 pixels): 150 USD / month

Premium sidebar advertisement (above-the-fold – 300×250 pixels): 250 USD / month

Contact us for a reduced annual rate or for banner advertisements (300×600 pixels). Payment is typically on a month-to-month basis via Paypal/Venmo, direct bank deposit, or check.


Do you teach French classes, have a french course, product, or program?

Get the exposure you deserve, build brand recognition, and gain valuable students to enroll into your program. We get emails here at FrenchCrazy for students looking at ways to improve/learn French! An advertisement on our course/program directory is a great start to cater to them.


– An engaging title & 100 words to describe your business/product/course/institution (written in FRENCH or ENGLISH)

– A link (URL) pointing to your website, enrollment or sales page

– Contact information that you provide: phone, email, mailing address, etc…

– The ability for you to upload 2-3 photos to your advertisement. You can represent your, institution, logo, product, or even just submit a professional headshot.


Some of our most asked questions when regarding the FrenchCrazy Program Directory.

Is the directory a good choice for my business?

Look at the cost-benefit ratio. For some programs, even earning just ONE student from our directory will pay for the discounted annual fee. This is real money for your business.

You’ll have 365 days on our directory – which makes it hard to believe that you won’t gain exposure as well as prospective clients.

Why FrenchCrazy?

We have a focused audience who love all things French. If you’re selling French courses or classes then FrenchCrazy is the right choice for you.

We’ve also spent years to build trust within our audience. By being placed on the program directory – you’ll be called our “partner” which is a big deal to some people.

But we offer lessons online?

We do include global / online courses.

Where is my ad placed?

Directory ads are placed chronologically unless a premium fee was paid (contact us for more information). This means that the sooner you sign up, the closer you’ll be to the top of your region’s listing. As schools or programs shuffle in and out, your advertisement will slowly rise higher.

I have more questions.

That’s fine! You can reach out to the owner of FrenchCrazy:


John is also accessible via phone or Skype or phone. However, you should email him first to obtain those channels.

Affiliate Marketing

This is our least preferred method and agreement is determined on a case-by-case basis. We consider the company/brand, product(s), and/or terms established when making a decision. Any products endorsed by FrenchCrazy must be in the best interest of our readers.

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