The Live in France Guide


Have you ever imagined yourself living in France one day in the future? This guide was created by people who have done just that. Our tailor-made guide provides actionable steps so that you Live, Work, or Study in France.

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Our guide will provide vital information in order to make the move to France. Learn from people who have done it themselves.

Written by the FrenchCrazy team, we’ve been helping people learn about France and it’s culture since 2011. Our website has reached several million people since that time span and we’ve sold hundreds of guides and eBooks.

Once you complete our Live in France course you should understand:

  • How to Prepare for A life in France
  • The VISA Process
  • How to find work in France
  • How to rent a place or find your dream home
  • How to obtain a working cellphone
  • How to open your French bank account
  • How to apply for French Social Security and Healthcare
  • How to get around France at a low cost
  • How to set up any and all utilities
  • Tips on dating and friendship
  • Tips on how to learn French

Don’t want the full guide? That’s fine. You can purchase the lesson you want for $7.

Visit this page for more information on the full Live in France Guide.

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