How To Get A Working Cellphone in France


A short, comprehensive guide covering how to get a functioning cellphone when you’re in France for long periods of time.

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Being accessible in France is a necessity. You’ll need a phone not only for your work and business needs but for your personal relationships as well.

So what’s the best way is to get a French cellphone? 

We’ll cover how to comparatively shop between a few providers as well as the differences between a few subscriptions or a pay-per-use style.

I’ll give you the top phone providers in France and tell you which deals are best on the market (as well as which cellphone plan I chose while I was in France).

This guide is offered by FrenchCrazy and is part of our entire Live in France series. FrenchCrazy has reached millions of readers since 2011 and we’ve sold hundreds of guides and eBooks within that timeframe.

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