Typing accents on a windows system can be achieved by using an ALT CODE. Here are all the ALT codes for French accents. Simply hold down the ALT key and then type in the required numbers. Once you release all the keys, your accented letter should appear.

So here are how to type French accents with ALT codes:​

Lowercase ALT CODES

​ALT+0224: à

​ALT+0226: â

​ALT+0228: ä

​ALT+0231: ç

​ALT+0232: è

​ALT+0233: é

​ALT+0234: ê

​ALT+0235: ë

​ALT+0238: î

​ALT+0239: ï

​ALT+0244: ô

​ALT+0156: œ

​ALT+0249: ù

​ALT+0251: û

​ALT+0252: ü

​ALT+0255: ÿ

Enfin, je peux écrire des accents sur mon clavier étranger sans trop d'effort !

Uppercase ALT CODES

​ALT+0192: À

​ALT+0194: Â

​ALT+0196: Ä

​ALT+0199: Ç

​ALT+0200: È

​ALT+0201: É

​ALT+0202: Ê

​ALT+0203: Ë

​ALT+0206: Î

​ALT+0207: Ï

​ALT+0212: Ô

​ALT+0140: Œ

​ALT+0217: Ù

​ALT+0219: Û

​ALT+0220: Ü

​ALT+0159: Ÿ

That's all for French accent ALT codes. Refer back to this list when needed.

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