Le Meilleur du Hier is a culturally relevant show that discusses interesting news, cultural, or celebrity topics. It’s featured on Canal Plus, a well-known French Television channel, and this particular show “The best of yesterday” makes my top recommended list several reasons.

  1. First, the show lasts anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes… 
  2. The show typically always has a part where you’ll end up laughing (if you can understand them).
  3. It’s culturally relevant
  4. It’s updated DAILY because it’s “the best of yesterday”
The only negative comment I can make about these videos is that there’s usually a short commercial at the start. The good thing is that the advertisement is French, so you can’t really complain there (more to practice listening to). I often say that the best way to increase your French conversational ability is to listen to natives! By watching this show everyday, you’ll be on your way to great pronunciation and speaking. Of course, these videos are suited for natives, so you may not understand much with an intermediate fluency level
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