What? Google!? You may be scratching your head at this one. French Google is a great online resource because it’s the same Google that all the French people use!

Use French Google to proofread your sentences

For example, if you type in an incorrect French statement such as, “J’ai mangé bien” into Google, all the searches will come back saying “J’ai bien mangé“. Since French Google is used by Frenchies it throws back grammatically correct French statements from the search! Now granted, if you performed the same operation with regular Google then you may also see similar results for this example. Time after time, I’ve found that the more complex the statements, the more you should use Google French.

Another time you may want to use Google.fr is when searching for french worded images. For example, searching soutien gorge in both Google and French Google images would produce the same amount of results, and very similar images. Yet, the French Google site offers related searches, such as: soutien gorge noir, sans soutien gorge, soutien gorge sport,… etc. When typing in French false cognates (words that are used in both French and English, but have different meanings) such as “chat“, the French site produces hundreds of cat images, while regular Google gives us computer screens and people talking. (Google gets it right when you use an article, but even then, the search isn’t as good as Google French).

My last reason for using French Google was simple: when you search then you’ll receive the French sites (or American sites in French, like Youtube) and not their English counterparts.

So all in all, does regular Google produce the same results as French Google? I would say yes, because they are both Google. But the French site offers your more chances to stumble upon websites written in French, or edit a few sentences for grammatically correct French.

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