I am totally ecstatic about this website! Français Facile provides top notch French lessons, French vocabulary sheets, French dialouges, and tons of French Exercises created by the Frenchies themselves. The site claims they have 200,000 members (which isn’t hard to believe… it’s amazing). Français Facile provides a French learning site in both French (cliquez-ici), and English (click here).

With are over 7,000 interactive tests, what’s not to love?

But wait.. there’s more! I truly feel like I’m on an infomercial with these reviews. If you sign up to become a member, you can find a french pen pal, utilize the forums, get french definitions by double-clicking, and record all your marks for every exercise completed. They also provide French placement tests, so you can get an idea of how you’re progressing through the language.

I can’t really place any more emphasis on how useful the numerous exercises and lessons are. I could probably spend hours on this site (if I didn’t have other things to do of course). I can only hope you’re rushing over to the site as we speak!

Please, post any comments below… especially if you enjoyed a site I’ve recommended!

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